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The fundamental difference between Black Hat and White Hat SEO lies within how an SEO expert conducts his back linking strategy. Black Hat SEO look for the quick and always wrong approach that gets you penalized. White Hat SEO approach looks at the long term approach that doesn`t get you.

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Major Differences

  • Compliance: Black Hat SEO involves techniques which are considered unethical by search engines, while White Hat SEO techniques conform to regulations and include no deception.
  • Approval: White Hat SEO is approved by all search engines, while Black Hat is not.
  • Consequence: The result of engaging in Black Hat SEO is that the website may get penalized with lower rankings, de-indexed, and might even be banned, and these penalties last for a long time.
  • Methods: Where White Hat SEO includes techniques such as research, quality content, analysis, web design, and relevant meta tags. Black Hat SEO methods comprise of blog comment spam, link farming, keyword stuffing, hidden links, and cloaked pages.

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Business growth and revenue are two indispensable terms when it comes to successfully running an organization. Online business success is a comparatively new terminology which is correlated with digital marketing and it is spreading like wildfire.

The term “Online Business Promotion” has somewhat evolved over the years and today it is a much more complex phenomenon. You need to have a rock solid online presence for being in the eyes of your business prospects. We are here to perform the best online brand promotion services for all our Indian and overseas clients through our team of professionals who are experts in the field of internet marketing / web promotion.

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